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Advisory Groups

Elementary, Middle and High School Advisory groups are developed each year. During the summer break, teachers and staff convene together to plan upcoming field trips, performances, recitals, school dances, team sports, Fun Fridays and the House System event where students are randomly selected into their student groups for the duration of their time at Murl Windsor Academy.


The House System

The house system is an idea adopted from Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. This system has been implemented to offer students an opportunity to engage across classes and grades that they may not normally have a chance to interact with. By implementing this system, student leadership is developed and peer camaraderie is reinforced. Kindergarten - 2nd grade do not fully participate with upper level students except on Fun Fridays and enjoy the same experiences within their own small community. Advisories meet each week along with student House Leaders to discuss a combination of business (announcements, upcoming calendar dates), student development (academics, character development, core values, health and well-being, etc.), and engagement (Friday morning games, school trips, House competition and trivia).

Activities and Clubs

Murl Windsor Academy offers field trips throughout the year for educational purposes and student exposure to life outside of academics and their inner communities. Parents, community coordinators, student leaders and teachers arrange trips to museums, historic sites, virtual field trips, botanical gardens, state parks, and non-school-related outings like bowling, picnics, roller skating, state fairs, and amusement parks.


Exploring College and Beyond

Murl Windsor Academy offers field trips to colleges and universities, college fairs, and even trade schools for middle and high school students so they recognize the opportunities available to them beyond their time at MWA. 

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is a cherished part of Murl Windsor Academy curriculum. Each year, MWA provides a comprehensive collection of performing art education courses. Performance education allows students to express themselves through a variety of artistic forms in a way that engages student's other talents through music, dance, theatre, costuming, stage design, art, film and photography. In every aspect, MWA seeks to provide students with multiple streams of expression and engagement.

School Sports

Sports builds character, camaraderie, and adaptability for our students at Murl Windsor Academy. Student athletes are required to maintain a C or higher in all coursework in order to participate in sports at MWA. Students interested in sports not offered at MWA, are able to participate with sports at their zone-scheduled schools. Participating in sports requires time management, commitment, effort, accountability, and trust within the sports community. 

We encourage both students and parents to get involved in MWA Athletics as a student-athlete, parent-volunteer, or a spectator. We look forward to partnering with you in the endeavor of strengthening the Athletics department at Murl Windsor Academy.

Go Lions!

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