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MWA Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of five disciplines:

  • Math

  • English Language Arts

  • Science

  • Social Sciences

  • Performing Arts


Our program is designed for students looking to develop independent learning, leadership and creativity skills. All students participate in interdisciplinary learning regarding hands-on activities/projects, one-on-one instruction, independent learning, small group instruction, guided practice and technology. These practices are embedded into the curriculum and incorporated into every discipline at Murl Windsor Academy. 


Kindergarten - twelfth grade curriculum incorporates standard-based instruction in accordance with Florida State Standards. Each discipline is delivered using a combination of teaching tools and student learning techniques which enhances literacy of all subject matter, through college, into career readiness.

Lessons are followed by knowledge checks, benchmarks tests, and state mandated assessments. In class tests are performed to determine mastery of subject matter. Students who do not master course units are assigned material for remediation and one-on-one time with instructors. Our individualized approach means your child can go as fast or slow as needed for their growth and development. Computer-based and Paper-based assessments are integrated with planning, data tracking and progress monitoring, making Murl Windsor Academy the right place to help your child on the road to excellence.

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