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Tuitions & Scholarships 

Scholarships Available for
2024-2025 school year 
Apply Now! 

Feel free to contact our offices to speak with our Scholarship Advisor for more information. 

Financial Process

Parents who are unable to afford full tuition must fill out Scholarship Request / Financial Aid Forms and provide all required documentation (Tax Returns, Personal Financial Statements, etc.).


Scholarship and Grants are received on a first come, first serve basis.


The following EMA scholarships are available:


In order to receive a scholarship, a completed application must be sent to one of the previously mentioned organizations, demonstrating need. Murl Windsor Academy is currently authorized to receive payments from the above providers which accounts for the student's tuition, breakfast and transportation (upon qualification as determined by factors included in the student application). 


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding scholarship or grant application process, please contact our administrative office at 954-547-4315 or

Gap Scholarship 

What is the Gap Scholarship.

The Gap Scholarship is extra funding that is offered to our parents which will significantly assist in covering any remaining balance for tuition that the scholarship itself may not cover. If you are interested in applying for our Gap Scholarship please fill out the application below or contact our office for more information. 

Pay Tuition 

Murl Windsor Academy 

murlwindsor@gmailcom /  Tel. (954) 547-4315

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