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Meet Our School Advisory Council President (Brenda Gonzalez)


Meet Brenda Gonzalez, a remarkable single mother who goes above and beyond to foster her children's educational and personal growth. Driven by her unwavering passion for active involvement in their lives, Brenda's journey took an exhilarating turn when she sought to make a profound impact on her children's school community. Eager to dive deeper into the inner workings of education, she wholeheartedly volunteered to join the esteemed board of the Student Advisory Council at Murl Windsor Academy.

When questioned about her motivation for joining our advisory council, Brenda Gonzalez articulated her profound appreciation for Murl Windsor Academy's distinctiveness in embracing a progressive and heart-centered approach. She highlighted the academy's remarkable ability to propel students towards their maximum potential by seamlessly integrating both traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities within a secure and nurturing social-emotional environment.


Drawing from her extensive professional experience as a job coach in the Fort Lauderdale area, Brenda brings a unique perspective to her role on the board. Having guided individuals transitioning from various backgrounds, including other professions, parenting, and even the criminal justice system, she possesses a wealth of knowledge to prepare and empower students on their journey to adulthood.

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